Christmas: Uzodimma urges renewal of love for State, Nation, humanity

Governor Hope Uzodimma has, in the spirit of the Christmas celebration, urged the people of Imo State to renew their love for State, Nation and humanity.


He said because the season affords us the opportunity to migrate from one country to another, including returning home to bond with our kits and kin, it is only normal that we use the occasion to appreciate our State, our Country and the people around us.


The Governor further noted that we should take love and joy that are critical elements in the celebration of Christmas as synonymous with God’s love for mankind that made Him send His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to be born and later sacrificed so that we can be salvaged and redeemed.


Governor Uzodimma reminded us of the efforts the government is making at the State and National levels to make life worth living for Nigerians, promising that the future has a lot of better things in stock for everyone.


The Governor’s message read in full: “Christmas is here again. It is that time of the year when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our saviour. It is a season of joy and love. Christmas reminds us of God’s special love for us, which made Him sacrifice His only begotten son for our salvation and redemption. 


“It is indeed a joyous occasion because we are privileged to be alive to see another Christmas. Happily, the season also affords our people living all around the world the golden opportunity of the annual migration to our native land for the annual reunion with our kith and kin.


“During the just ended Christmas Carol Service in Owerri, I harped on the need for us to reflect on the real essence of Christmas, which is the love of God for us. I reminded us of the need to reciprocate that same love towards God, our neighbours and fellow human beings.


“Today,  I also urge all of us to renew our love for our state, our nation, and for humanity, for the sake of God. If God so loved us to the point of sacrificing His only begotten son, then the least we can do is to use the occasion of Christmas to renew our love to our fellow human beings. God has been kind to us in the sense that the plan of the enemy for our State didn’t manifest. Instead, we were enveloped by the love of God, who restored peace to our State.


“I am particularly excited that the majority of our people in the Diaspora are already in the State to join their brothers and sisters in the celebrations of this year’s Christmas.  This is commendable. 


“Not only would they realise that Imo is peaceful, but they would behold the breathtaking infrastructure, especially roads that my administration has brought to the State.They would also witness firsthand, the rapid progress the administration is making in the social welfare of our citizens. With these, I believe that this year’s Christmas will be better than the previous ones.


“I am aware of the impact of the ongoing economic reforms of the federal government on the mood of the nation. However, I do know that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu means well for Nigerians and that these reforms will sooner rather than later yield positive results.


“I therefore  urge us all to face the challenges before us with renewed hope and renewed love, knowing that with genuine love towards one another and our nation, we shall overcome.  As always, I am positive that happier days are ahead.


“I wish us all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”