Election will be free, fair and credible, Uzodimma assures Imo electorate

Governor Hope Uzodimma on Saturday assured the electorate in Imo State that the November 11, 2023 governorship election will be free, fair, credible and transparent.


However, he urged the voters to defend their votes after casting their ballot in order to guard against manipulation.


Governor Uzodimma spoke at the formal inauguration of the Imo Progressives Movement (IPM), an organ that the Convener, the House of Representatives member for Ohaji/ Egbema/ Oguta/ Oru West Federal Constulituency, Hon Eugene Dibiagwu said was initiated to support the reelection of the Governor and chat a new political paradigm for the State.


The Governor reassured the electorate, particularly the Imo youths that the environment would be made conducive for them to cast their ballot.


Besides, the Governor told the Imo youths that he will also “create a conducive environment that will guarantee wealth creation, poverty alleviation, provision of scholarship, provision of standard education where civil servants will receive their salaries, infrastructure will be provided and Imo people will make money, prosperity and development achieved.”


Responding to his endorsement for a second tenure by the IPM members, the Governor thanked the group for its wonderful support,  noting that “the march for a new Imo and the road map is largely dependent on the members of the IPM.”


He reiterated that he will continue to serve by way of providing tangible and intangible dividends of democracy and expressed gratitude to members of IPM for their show of support, assuring that he will not take such support for granted.


The Governor used the opportunity to bemoan the opposition for sponsoring killings, thereby stopping people from going to farm, going to market, attending to their trade and work places and asked the sponsors of insecurity to remember that God is at work.


He also beckoned on the youths who are still living in the bush to come out “because the work they are doing from there is that of the devil.”


He assured that he is ready to reintegrate them, counsel and rehabilitate them and make them become human beings again.


Governor Uzodimma enjoined Imo citizens to go out on the day of election and cast their votes, monitor the process, stay within their booths and ensure their votes are counted and moved to the situation room without fear or favour.


He assured that “there must be free, fair, credible and transparent election in Imo State” and that his administration “will guarantee the safety and security of all that will participate in that election.”


Governor Uzodimma expressed absolute trust on INEC, noting that the body had recorded successes in the past in Anambra, Edo and Osun States, and noted that the INEC will do the same in the November election of Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa States.


He reiterated his believe in the unity and oneness of Nigeria and emphasised that he stands in the unity of Nigeria.


In his address, the Convener of Imo Progressives Movement (IPM), Hon Eugene Dibiagwu said that the essence of the formation of the organization is to support the Governor’s reelection through quality political education, to identify successes in governance and how to inspire people to vote in the right direction.


Also, he said the idea was to stop persistent campaigns of calumny targeted at destroying the legacies of the Governor and to ensure that the retrogressive kind of politics is forever destroyed in Imo State, noting that “Imo politics must be issue-based, refined, result-oriented and morally astute.”


Again, he informed the mammoth crowd that the “political platform cuts across diverse political interest with a defined mandate to support and facilitate the reelection of Governor Hope Uzodimma.”


“Imo Progressive Movement are working with the other similar organisations as fishers of voters and supporters and promoters for the reelection Governor Hope Uzodimma in the November 11 2023 governorship election in Imo State,” he said adding that the IPM remains the eternal compass as they surgeon together for the Governor of Imo State.


In his remarks, the Chairman of the occasion, Dr Ikedi Ohakim, a former Governor of Imo State, described the inauguration and campaign flag-off as “the grand finale of all endorsements and campaigns.”


He commended the Governor for his good works that have made the work of those following and campaigning for him easy and seamless and informed that “the IPM is made of over 40 supports groups.”


He reminded the gathering that the Charter of Equity is real and cannot implement itself “but through somebody and that person for now is Governor Hope Uzodimma.”


He used the opportunity to caution against scuttling the good intentions of the Charter of Equity.


Introducing the essence of Imo Progressives Movement, the Director General,  Comrade Jeff Nwoha said that the different groups, after considering all options to the stake at the Douglas House, narrowed down their choice to Governor Uzodimma “considering his fairness, developmental strides, infrastructural development, youth empowerment and all inclusive administration.”


He said they all decided to endorse him as one and only governorship candidate for the November, 11 2023 elections and promised that the movement will continue until the mandate is achieved.


The event was attended by key stakeholders in the Imo State politics.


Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to the Governor