Excitement as Uzodimma Empowers 25,000 Imo Indigenes

…Thanks Buhari for N-CARE Programme


Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State on Friday took a bold step to empower 25,000 Imo indigenes under the federal government N-CARES Programme, now domesticated as Imo-CARES, with a promise that the money is not refundable by the recipients.

The 25,000 recipients were drawn from the 305 Electoral Wards in the 27 local government areas of Imo State.

But that is not all. Another batch made of more than 128,466 persons will next week be also empowered by the governor in what he said is a conscious effort by his government to mitigate the hardship the people suffered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, rising inflation, flooding and other forms of challenges occasioned by global economic meltdown.

In his remarks at the event which took place at the Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Square, Owerri, Governor Uzodimma declared that his government is determined to recover Imo State from poverty and hardship.

He said that five people per polling unit in the State will receive instant alert of N30,000 and subsequent alerts of same amount in the coming months.

The Governor further announced that on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, another batch of 27 persons per polling unit in the State will be empowered through the same programme.

The Governor noted: “The Federal Government in her wisdom, working with the World Bank and States decided to create a programme called ‘Nigeria Cares’ meant to alleviate the sufferings occasioned by the incidence of Covid- 19.

“After the events of Covid-19, so many of our sons and daughters lost their businesses, so many lost their jobs, and life became meaningless for them.

“Then came the unknown gunmen and so many buildings were destroyed and so many people lost their lives.Then came the flooding and so many people lost their farms, and some also lost their businesses.

“Today, we have selected five persons from each of the 4,758 polling units in Imo State for the first batch and before you leave this place today, you will receive the alerts in your telephones.”

The icing on the cake was when the Governor told the recipients that “it is not a loan. It is a grant. You are not expected to pay back or pay interest. Imo State signed under this programme to empower our people,”a comment that drew thunderous applause from the large turn out of people who struggled for space at the venue of the event.

However, the Governor also advised the beneficiaries to use the money they will be getting meaningfully to look after themselves and their families and warned them not to use the money for drinking alcohol, taking drugs or to go into crime and criminality.

He told the beneficiaries not to give gratification from the money to anybody who may claim they put their names on the list.

He announced that each of the beneficiaries will receive the sum of N30,000, to be followed by receipts every month in like sum.

The Governor used the occasion to express gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari for approving N-CARES and also for allowing the States to key into the programme.

Governor Uzodimma said his administration plans to empower 120,000 people every month, effective Friday, December 16, 2022.

The Governor urged the crowd to appeal to detractors who are working to destroy Imo State to desist as God will not allow them, emphasizing that he has come to work and rescue Imo from poverty.

He promised to continue to empower Imo indigenes through the Imo N-Cares programmes to cushion the effect of Covid-19 and the recent flood disaster.

The excitement on the faces of those who received their alert instantly could not be hidden but those who were yet to receive theirs due to network issues and became anxious were advised not to worry as the banks confirmed they will all get before the close of business same day.

Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to the Governor