Uzodimma to Imo People: Emulate Jesus Christ in His Sacrificial Love

As Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has urged the citizens to demonstrate the sacrificial love of Christ in their relationship with their neighbours, State and Nation.


The Governor said Easter celebration is meaningful, only when we rededicate ourselves to the service of God and humanity, through proper reflection on Christ’s uncommon love for mankind.


In his 2023 Easter Message, Governor Uzodimma also reminded Christians that Easter remains the foundation upon which their faith is built, hence their hope for salvation.


He reasoned that because Jesus Christ gave His all for the faithful to live, we have no reason not to pursue those qualities that will truly indicate that we appreciate the sacrifice He made for us, by recommitting to the service of God and humanity.


Governor Uzodimma said loving one another selflessly and sacrificially, forgiving one another and being faithful to God are qualities we must adorn proudly as Christians who really appreciate the price Christ paid on our behalf.


Governor Uzodimma’s message read in full:


“My Dear People of Imo state, I thank God Almighty for another opportunity to deliver an Easter message to you as your Governor.

Today, we are joining fellow Christians all over the world to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


“It is indeed a unique day in the Christian calendar as It marks the liberation of mankind from bondage to freedom. As the Holy Bible said, God so loved the world, that he sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die on the cross so that our sins can be forgiven to pave way for us to inherit eternal salvation.


” It should be instructive to us that our Lord, Jesus Christ, paid the supreme sacrifice for our salvation because of His love for us.

Therefore, as we celebrate Easter, we should reflect on his uncommon love for us which made him to willingly submit himself to shameful death so we can be saved.


“I urge all of us, therefore, to be Christ like and practise true love for our neighbour. This is the only way we can reciprocate Christ’s love for us. We must do all in our powers to love our neighbour, our state and our country


“So, as the world, especially Christendom, celebrates this year’s Easter, I congratulate all Imo people for being alive to be part of this commemorative event, that marks the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


“Without the resurrection, there would have been no Christianity and there would have been no hope of salvation for Christians. This is the significance of what we are celebrating today.


“Christ died that we may live. His sacrificial love not only bought our redemption and salvation but ensured that we enjoy eternal life after our earthly journey.


“This spirit of love, sacrifice and selflessness pervading the season should reflect on the lives we live and how we relate with our fellow human beings.


“We should be guided by the universal love exhibited by Christ in the way we conduct ourselves daily. Because Christ symbolises peace, we should also uphold this ideal and refrain from acts that inflict misery on other Nigerians.


“In Imo State, we should continue to sustain and preserve the hard-won peace. For the sake of those who died in the wake of the security crisis of the past, let us use the opportunity of this Easter to rededicate ourselves to the service of God and humanity.


“In our struggle for political power, let us remember that those whom we strive to serve need to be alive to appreciate our services. No matter what we do, Imo shall still remain our state and that filial bond among us will never be broken. We should, therefore, avoid divisive and combative posturing in the name of politics and emulate Jesus Christ in His sacrificial love.


“As we celebrate, we should all be reminded that we will all give an account of our stewardship when the time comes. May we also spare a thought for the sick and the less privileged in our midst.


“Happy Easter, my dear people of Imo State.”