Uzodimma to Orlu kinsmen: I won’t bring shame, disgrace to you

…Thought I had opponents, didn’t know they were participants

… Thanks IPM members for support.



Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State on Tuesday told his kinsmen from Orlu zone that he thought he had real political opponents during the recently concluded governorship election, not knowing they were mere participants.


Speaking at the Government House Owerri when leaders from Orlu zone paid him a congratulatory visit, a happy Governor Uzodimma assured an equally excited and happy kinsmen that “I will not bring shame and disgrace to you.”


The Governor also expressed concern over the activities of some Civil Society Organisations and canvassed the need for the authorities to look into the activities of some of them which he said suggest they could be agents of destabilisation in the country.


The Governor said he is aware of the existence of credible CSOs whose interest is interest of Nigeria and “who are also interested in defending and protecting the sovereignty of our country.”


“There are other Organizations who parade themselves as CSOs, but who are agents to some interests,” he said and used the opportunity to call on security agencies in the country to profile their Leadership so as to sieve out those who are of other interests that are not interested in the growth and development of Imo State.


The Governor said the political class in Nigeria is heavily challenged, especially those of them that are working hard to serve the country and the State, “yet day-by-day, some unknown factors acting as agents of destructions are working behind the scene to derail the polity.”


He however warned that, “enough is certainly enough.”


Governor Uzodimma told the leaders from Orlu while welcoming them that his victory is their victory while the glory goes to God alone.


He noted that “Orlu Zone represents the engine room of Imo politics and no Government both now and in future will ever rule Imo State without Orlu zone,” and asked his kinsmen not to be afraid to answer their name and identity. 


He congratulated them on their individual and group contributions to his success and

acknowledged that “the economy of Imo State is bad because the Orlu business people were not allowed to do their businesses.”


His words: “Never in the history of Imo State elections that INEC and security agencies showed commitment more than in the last election. The opposition thought they will breed insecurity, violence and blackmail against INEC and cause confusion but God made them to fail.”


The Governor said that the country has been a victim of mistaken identity, but emphasised that democracy is the best Government and  the best choice for Nigeria now. “Our democracy must survive.”


Governor Uzodimma invited his kinsmen to join hands to develop Orlu physically and spiritually and also develop Imo State, and promised that he will not only do more but will do better.


He pledged not to bring shame and disgrace to his people.


Speaking, the Leader of the group and the Senator representing Imo West, Dist. Senator Osita Izunaso, on behalf of his people said that the Governor has done well hence he was able to score 27/27.


Izunaso said that the Governor started early to fix his eyes on the ball with massive infrastructural development, youth empowerment, and general economic revolution.


He congratulated the Governor and said Orlu people, Imo people, appreciated him through their votes and commended INEC for early supply of election materials all over the State and the security agencies for a job well-done.


He gave a graphic percentage of the results of the election and said of the 504,380 votes cast, Owerri Zone produced 98,600 votes or 18.25%, Okigwe Zone 115,124 votes or 21.31% and Orlu Zone 326,000 votes representing 60.44%.


In their various contributions, Eze Imo HRM Eze (Dr.) Emmanuel Okeke, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, Chairman Imo State Council of Elders, Hon. Eugene Dibiagwu and Hon. Canice Moore Nwachukwu, Federal House Members of the Zone, all acknowledged that the success of the Governor at the poll was a result of hard work and thanked God that he won the election overwhelmingly.


They advised the Governor not to relent in his good works to the zone and the State in his second tenure.


Another set of Speakers – Amb. Greg Mbadiwe, Rt. Hon. Amara Iwuanyanwu, Hon Ifeoma Ndukwe (APC Woman Leader in the State)- said they were confident that the Governor will win the election before the result was announced.


Corroborating the above, Mrs. Nkechi Ugwu, Hon Commissioner for Women Affairs Imo State and Dr. Rabbi Ibrahim, Hon Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs, described the Governor in a lot of positive ways such as “Governor General” “Happening Governor,” “Compassionate Governor,” and “Kind Leader of Imo State,” who is not only women friendly but also women inclusiveness and gender friendly.


Hon. Nwachukwu in particular expressed happiness to have a relationship with the Governor, saying he “created a new system of administration and operations and has demonstrated capacity, sagacity, and prowess in implementing his mapped out programmes.”


In another development, the Governor of Imo State has acknowledged that the Imo Progressive Movement (IPM) led by their Convener, Hon. Eugene Dibiagwu had actually exhibited all facts that show they are grassroots oriented and have impact at the rural level.


He acknowledged that they were active during the elections and described their leader as very reliable and dependable.


He thanked them for coming and told them that his victory is their victory and that he will be fair to all of them who worked during the constitution of the second term cabinet.


The Convener,  Hon. Dibiagwu congratulated the Governor and told him that IPM as a structure is not a social media structure rather a standing structure that the Governor can always leverage at anytime.


He equally asked the Governor not to renege in his good works for Imo people going forward and requested the Governor to remember them in his next Executive Council.


Those who spoke from the IPM group were Chief William Ejiakor (BOT Chairman), the State Woman Leader, the State Publicity Secretary, Collins Opuruzor and the Director General, Chief Jeff Nwoha. 


They all pledged loyalty and continued support to the Governor.


Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to the Governor